Zdeněk Pašek - Full-stack developer

Hey! My name is Zdenek and I like to turn ideas into a reality with help of technology.

I’m a full-stack web developer with more than 4 years of experience.

I’m focusing on writing clean, efficient, and readable code and designing functional and nice UI and UX. In my case it is not just about sitting and coding – I also like to be involved in the whole process of developing, starting with managing, prototyping, and testing. As a young programmer I am naturally into challenges so I’m regularly attending hackathons, developing startup ideas, and cooperating with various clients.

Regarding my educational background I studied at VOŠ and SPŠE Pilsen where I was studying computer network with cooperation with CISCO company and mobile applications in Java. After graduating I moved to Denmark for Computer Science program and currently, I’m finishing my second year.

Talking about my near future, I’m very interested in studying Data science and improving my C# skills.

Feel free to check my portfolio below.

My experiences & projects


Freelancer Full-stack developer

I created a team of freelancers. Together we developed many websites for our Czech clients. Next to it, we are creating a universal reservation system.

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Graphic Designer & Social Media at Ensana

I did graphic design for Google Ads and local Czech sites like (Seznam.cz), graphic banners for Facebook and Instagram. I also helped with SoMe campaigns.


Backend developer at TechHeaven

I work on the API for mobile app that is used to report defects in the city. Mobile app was used for Czech cities. We programmed in PHP (Nette).


Co-founder & Tech guy of Advisela.com

Together with my mate David, we were developing an web app for notes. You can filter your notes based on your hashtags or mentions.


Backend developer MXNEY

MXNEY is Danish company where I started working in May. I mostly work with PHP (Laravel) + AWS but from time to time I write some Vue.js + TailwindCSS code.


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