Zdeněk Pašek
Hello 👋

I'm Zdenda,
I can help you create your websites.

I am a full-stack web developer who loves to transform ideas into reality. I have more than four years of experience in developing and designing websites. I started like front-end developer, but as time went, I learned back-end as well. Besides I started designing websites too.

I focus on writing clean, efficient and elegant code and designing beautiful and functional websites. I just do not sit and code, I love to be involved in every stage of developing. I like to learn new things.

I am from the Czech Republic, but I decided to leave my comfort zone and go studying in Denmark where I am studying Computer Science. In addition to programming, I love exploring new places, drinking coffee or beer with my friends and joking around. I also like to organize events for the dev community. Over two year, I was helping a non-profit organization with organizing events in Pilsen where we organized a lot of successful events.

My experiences & projects

PHP developer (Nette)

2018 - 2020

I programmed API for mobile application. We used PHP framework Nette. I also have some experiences with Flutter.

Graphic Designer & Social Media

2017 - 2020

I was doing graphic design for Google ads and local sites like (Seznam.cz), graphic banners for Facebook and Instagram. I was helping with social media campaigns.

Self Employed

2019 - Present

I created a team of freelancers. Together we created many websites for our Czech clients. Next to, we are creating a universal reservation system

Projects I am working on.